Your Story in 25 Words (or Fewer)

If you’ll be in the DC area come May, please mark your calendars:

GBook Festival

On May 17, I’ll be presenting, signing books, and offering a free one-hour workshop at the Gaithersburg Book Festival: Your Story in 25 Words (or Fewer).

What if one magical sentence could help you define and strengthen your story, as well as anchoring a plan for revision? In this one-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to formulate a What If question and discover how 25 (or fewer) words can transform both your latest project and your writing process.

If you’ve read The Creative Compass then you’re already familiar with the What If Question — and the workshop will help you practice generating creative questions with a like-minded group.

GBook Festival 2

In the meantime, you can read more about where I find my ideas, what I do about writer’s block, and what my presentation has to offer you in this Q&A:

Where do you go to find your ideas?

     The net of my mind dredges the riverbed of my everyday      experience and brings up all kinds of treasure — dreams, notions,      questions and answers, most of which I can’t use. The ideas that      ultimately give rise to stories, articles, or other projects, the ones      that stick, will reveal themselves only over time and through      experimentation.

     These ‘sticky’ ideas (explored in greater depth in my book, The      Creative Compass) have one element in common: they matter to      me on some deep level. They matter enough to return again and      again, whether in the same or different guise. It’s as if there are      certain rivers that periodically intersect with mine, so that I become      familiar with their cargo. And, at the right moment, it becomes      mine as well. And the pattern that emerges over time points not      only to what I write but who I am.

What do you do when you have writer’s block?

     I can always write something, of course. But there are plenty of      times when I don’t particularly like what I’m writing, and that      brings both frustration and relief . . .

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