First Summer Workshop

On May 10 and 11, I’ll offer the first of my summer workshops at The Writer’s Center, this one in Bethesda, MD.

Here are a few reasons why you should sign up:


1. It’s a creative crossroads.

Whether you consider yourself a fiction or nonfiction writer, memoirist, playwright, or screenwriter, there’s a whole other world of inspiration just across the aisle. And it can be easier for you to build alliances, collaborate with, and learn from those who prefer a variation on your own theme.

2. A big-picture view expands the possibilities.

Writing a book on writing and storytelling gave me a structured opportunity to meditate on my own experience, derive the most useful ideas and practices, and organize them into a coherent model, a universal cycle of five stages that offer a unique road map to the creative path: Dream, Draft, Develop, Refine, and Share.

Because I wrote this book with my dad, also an author, I gained an unusual vantage point on writing as a collaborative act, and it informs my teaching style ā€” I want to help you find your way to write, not some mythical best way.

The workshop aims to offer you an aerial view of the territory you’ll cover in every project and throughout your creative life. It aims to transform your perspective on writing as process and craft, so as to orient you and better equip you to confront inevitable challenges and reach your goals.

You can sample the flavor of my approach by reading one or more excerpts from the book here.

3. Discover the wisdom of your own experience.

New perspectives and techniques can help you to observe what works for you:

The What If? will help you to connect with sticky ideas, cultivate them, and stay in harmony with your source of inspiration as you draft.

You’ll make contact with a source of inner guidance by dreaming in dialogue, an analytical technique that will equip you to push through self-doubt and inertia whenever they arise, on and off the page.

Your master metaphor will also provide crucial emotional support. And you’ll learn how greater body awareness can help you to write more powerfully for the senses and stay at your desk for as long as necessary.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet potential friends and collaborators ā€” I know I have much to learn from you, as a teacher and a fellow writer. I hope that you’ll share the work that emerges with each other and with me.

Register and learn more details here.