Come Write with Us at OMEGA

At the end of this month, my dad and I will co-teach one more workshop together.

Omega workshop graphic

WHERE: OMEGA CAMPUS, Rhinebeck, NY (90-minute train ride north from NY Penn Station)

WHEN: May 30 – June 1 (Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday morning)

Over three days, we’ll explore writing as a craft and a path to personal development. You’ll also learn how you can apply insights gained to other creative arts and to the work-in-progress that is your life.

We don’t just teach you our way — we help you find your own best approach to craft, process, and self.

For information or to register:

845 266 4444

Comments from past workshop students:

The relaxing environment made it safe to share … very good practical advice … really liked the ‘roadmap’ presented. — Soshana Helman

Learning to ‘dream in dialogue’ was a game-changer for me … you have given me hope that I can finish a book! — Michael Schlichte

The delivery of this clear five-stage process and examples helped to integrate the learning … great tools. — Jessalyn Nash

I liked the easy give and take between Sierra and Dan. The pace and information were just right. The ‘What If’ exercise was both challenging and stimulating, practical and powerful … a good balance between lecture, dialogue, partner exercises and writing. — Marguerite LaDue

Your simple process provided the motivation … I’ve been wanting to start writing for over a year and this course was exactly what I needed. — Mike Muscari

What an amazing experience! I got much more than I expected … Your relaxed, open-hearted style of communication paved the way for sincere discussions. I found the partner exercises comfortable and worthwhile … ‘dreaming in dialogue’ opened doorways previously closed. The group continued to write and share even after you both excused yourself at the end of class. Everyone seemed inspired and charged. — Karen McMahon

Hope you can join us! As always, contact me with any questions.