More Reviews

From QuinnCreative:

The book is for anyone who is creative and wants to take their work from the imagination out to the world. Because I’m a writer, I saw it more clearly as a book for writers, but it works in a broader sense as well . . .

From Word Strumpet:

I’m reading two books about writing at the moment, and together they are making my head explode. In a good way. It’s exploding with ideas. . . [In the second book, The Creative Compass, the] authors delineate five stages that the writer goes through Dream, Draft, Develop, Refine, Share. Right now I’m reading about the first stage, Dream, in which, “a sticky idea calls you on a quest, and you set out to slay your own dragons . . . ”

And from Psychology Today:

Virtually everyone who has set out on a creative path encounters obstacles, many of them self-made and internal. The Creative Compass is both practical and psychologically sound, and includes insight, quotes, and anecdotes from more than 100 well-known writers and thinkers . . .